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The media outlets of New Caledonia are not that much strong. The islands are a special collectivity of the Pacific Ocean. In fact, this is an archipelago. There is a couple of mainland around the islands. So, the media outlets are not too much prevalent in the localities. A good number of factors are available behind the downtrends of the media outlets.

Most of the people in the islands are not the original inhabitants. The number of the original local people is fewer than that of the settlers. So, the language is a prime barrier to the media failure. A mixture of people has been available here. As a result, the media outlets were unable to shine. Actually, there are fewer media outlets here except a newspaper.

There are no radio stations and television channels are available in the islands. Though the islands cover one of the largest masses in the Pacific Ocean region, there are no audiences of television and radio have been available. A good number of issues are responsible for the absence of television outlets and radio stations.

The people live here are mostly from different areas of society. The living and life of the people are based on some local events. And people have their own business to take care other than spending time on television watching or listening to radios. A large number of tourists come here annually to enjoy their vacations. And the locations are highly charming for the visitors here.

The islands have a single newspaper named is ‘Les Nouvelles Caledoniennes’. This is a French-language newspaper. The operation of the newspaper began in 1971. Since then, it went several ups and downs regarding the number of its circulation. At present, the newspaper has around 13,000 circulations which are really adorable. Besides, there are some complimentary newspapers but they are not published regularly.

The existing media outlets enjoy a good amount of freedom from the government. In fact, the government does not interfere with the media issues. The liberty imposed on the media outlets really helps them to publish news and information of varied interests. But they are aware of certain issues. They do not publish or circulate any such information which is harmful to the government or for the islands.

The issue of self-censorship is strictly maintained by the newspaper. But they also criticize some of the government policies which actually need. And such criticizing done by the newspapers are under a tolerable level.

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