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New Zealand owns the most enriched media outlets in the world. A good number of media outlets are available in the country and they are operating for a long time. The media operation does not need to experience any obstacle on their way of operation. In fact, the government inspires competition for the media outlets for their excellence. The country has all sorts of media outlets including broadcast, print, and online media outlets.

The numbers of public and private media outlets are dominant in the country. And they try to cover all types of news and information for the audience. The bloom of media outlets in the country has been possible for the outstanding literacy rate. Almost all the people in the country are literate and they are aware of the country and society. They have the urge inside to know about them and the world around them. So, they are keen to read newspapers and watch television. Listening to radio stations is also a great leisurely task for the people in the country.

The freedom of the press in the country is adorable. The media outlets enjoy the freedom of the press to the complete extent. They do not need to censor the news and information. They can easily publish the information if they believe it to be important. The government has less interference with the media issues. As a result, the media upsurge is a great achievement for the entire industry there. In fact, people are interested to know the truth and thus they support the media activities which also are some backups for the media outlets.

The media outlets mostly run by the revenue that they generate wither from the advertisement or based on the circulation that they have. So, they do not need to rely on government subsidies. Besides, there are chances that the media outlets might turn biased to the government if they are subsidized by the government treasury. As a result, the government has less or no provisions to provide a subsidy to the media outlets.

But for me the media outlets are aware of the censorship issues. They censor some of the indecent incidents. They do not expose the events as the policy they are following for censor does not allow them to unveil the indecent scenes. Moreover, they also have some other policies regarding the censorship. They do not publish or broadcast any such events which may bring defame for the nation or for the government. As a result, they are able to survive without any trouble from the government side.

In the country, there are around 30 newspapers are under operation at the present time. Some of the newspapers are weekly while some others are published in periodical basis. The newspapers mostly carry news and views of different local and international events. They try to cover almost all the categories. The circulation of the newspapers is also adorable. But regarding the news publication, the newspapers try to follow some strict rules and regulations. They do not expose any unwanted events that may be shameful for the nation or for the government. They do it as the part of their self-censorship.

Over 40 television channels are available in the country. But only some of the television channels are free-to-air while the other television channels are paid. In fact, the audiences need to pay a monthly subscription fee for the television channels if they want to watch. The television channels have a wide array of programs and events for the nationwide audiences. They come with drama serials, news, sports and cultural events, reality shows and more. They have different targeted people of different age groups who are the key audience.

Radio plays an important role in the country. There are over 20 radio stations available here and they operate in different frequencies. Most of the radio stations are owned by the private initiatives while some of them are state-run. Nonetheless, the radio stations have their different attractive shows and programs for the audiences. In fact, access to radio is one of the easiest ways for the local people. And they really enjoy the shows and events broadcast on different radio channels.

The use of the internet is available in the country. So, almost all the print media outlet has their internet presence. Most of the people browse the internet to know about the world through the newspaper websites they have in their localities.

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