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This is one of the smallest islands of the Pacific. So, the number of populations is fewer. There are only 2000 people living on the island. Hence, the necessity of media outlets is not that much important to them. Consequently, the media outlets failed to shine in the locality. Hence, the media outlets are not prevalent too much in the areas. A couple of newspapers are available here and they publish a wide variety of news and information for the audience.

The island is a great attraction for the tourists. So, the tourism business has expanded greatly in the surrounding localities. But the issue of media outlet expansion is not that much highlighted in comparison to the tourism. This is really a matter of regret for the Islanders. At the same time, they also need less to use the media for their daily needs. Hence, the necessities of media outlets have been overlooked. The existing outlets are able to meet the essential needs of the local people.

Many of the inhabitants of the islands have migrated from different other parts of the region. Most of them are from New Zealand and have settled on this island as they find this place wonderful. Actually, the natural environment of the island is adorable. But the migrants are to return to their homelands.

The media outlets of the island are free to express their thoughts and opinions. The local government does not have any interference on the outlets. So, they are able to express their thoughts independently. They do not need to compromise while publishing or broadcasting the news and information. Even, the media outlets are allowed to criticize some of the policies of the government to some extent. In fact, they are allowed to do so but they also follow some self-censorship issues. When the news or information may bring negative remarks or criticisms from the Islanders, they stop publishing or broadcasting that.

At present, there are two newspapers available in the islands. They are published regularly with a good number of local and international events. They try to cover the available news and information for the readers and engage them in reading the texts. As a direct result, the newspapers are surviving the areas.

Regarding the television, there is a single state-owned television channel is available. The television channel is owned by the government, broadcasts a good number of shows and events for the public interest. But it does not compromise with the censorship issues.

The only radio station is also under the government ownership and allows the audience to listen to a good number of shows, especially musical events. So, the number of listeners on the radio is on the rise.

The use of the internet is also available in the country but most of the people use the internet for their personal purposes only.

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