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Numbers of islands are located in the Pacific Ocean and Norfolk is one of them. The island is one of the best destinations for visitors across the world. So, a large number of crowds gather in different parts of the island. Despite its natural beauty, the island is lagging behind in some terms. The most important setback for the island is that it does not have a strong media outlet. There are a couple of local media outlets are available but they are of almost no use.

The media outlets in the locality contain newspaper, radio and television broadcast. The island also has two internet providers who meet the internet needs of the population. But this is actually not enough to cope with the present world of modernization. In fact, a nation needs a substantial number of media outlets to uphold the country. If there were the sufficient number of newspapers, the island might have been more developed.

The existing media outlets (though few in numbers) have their freedom of speech. In fact, the government has nothing to do with the media outlets. The government does not feel interested to interfere in the media outlets for their activities. The media outlets are allowed to publish and broadcast their contents based on needs. But they do not violet some of the unwritten rules. In fact, they have a sense of self-censorship while publishing or broadcasting.

At present, there is a single newspaper available in the island. Interestingly, the newspaper is not published on a regular basis. Rather, this is a weekly newspaper. And it contains the entire necessary event that took place in the last week. So, the number of readers for this newspaper is moderate. The newspaper mostly deals with the contemporary issues. Sometimes, they publish local sensational news and stories that draw a huge reaction from the readers. But the newspaper is aware of the censorship issues. So, it does not go against the policy that the other media outlets have adopted.

There is a single television station available on the island. This is the key source of entertainment for the audience on the island. The station broadcasts news, events, shows and many other attractive episodes. So, the number of audiences is huge.

Besides, there are two radio stations available on the island. The radios have their targeted audience. And they broadcast shows and events of varied interests. Most of the young people are interested in listening to the radio shows.

The use of the internet is on the increase. But people mostly use the internet for social communication. But a portion of them browse the global newspapers to know about the world and happenings around them.

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