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Palau is an archipelago in the North Pacific Ocean. The islands are a really wonderful destination for people around the world. But the media outlets have not gained in the islands. Most of the people are busy with their own business and thus have less time to spend on media issues. But somehow, the media outlets are available in the islands and continuing their operation.

The numbers of media outlets are few in the islands comparing the population they have. Most of the media outlets have their own targeted audiences. So, they broadcast and publish a good number of shows and event based on the demands of the audience groups. They are able to work independently without any troubles from the government’s side. In fact, the media freedom is prevalent there and the authority has less concern in this regard.

The media outlets are able to criticize the government policies to some certain extent. But they also maintain some self-censorship issues. When there are serious issues, they do try to cover them up lest the government image is not destroyed. In fact, they publish the events but with a positive intention so that everything goes well. As a result, the media outlets are rarely troubled with the government end.

The islands have been transferred to several governments and nations before and after the Second World War and finally got independence in 1994. The islands have also joined the UN Trust Territories as well for having greater benefits of the modern world. The literacy rate is higher in the islands and so the newspaper readers are more.

At present, there is a single newspaper available across the islands. The newspaper provides a good number of news and information to its readers. They are able to publish any sort of news and information for the readers. Some of the sensational stories are also available in the newspaper. But the news and information of the islands are prioritized other than anything of the world. The newspaper never misuses the press freedom. Though it is entitled to publish whatever it wants, it keeps a margin in this case.

There is a single television station available in the islands and it broadcasts a good number of news and shows for the audience. The news and shows are able to draw attention from a large group of audience. The broadcast contents are prepared locally and they are attractive indeed.

There are two radio stations in the islands and they cover the entire islands with their broadcast. They also have their targeted audience while the teenagers of the islands are fond of listening to radio shows. The radios broadcast musical shows, news, bulletins, and others.

Unluckily, there is no internet access in the islands. So, the Islanders have no internet-based social networking profiles.

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