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Though this is the largest island in the Northern Marina Islands, the media outlets are not so much prevalent here. In fact, the local population is reluctant towards the media outlets. There are only three newspapers are available on the island and they provide a wide number of news and information for the readers.

The available media outlets in the island are free from the government interruption. They are able to convey the information clearly to the readers. The government is liberal in this case and it does not interfere with the issues. But at the same time, the media outlets also follow some self-censorship. They do not publish any such news and information which is harmful to the government.

The newspapers mostly publish news and views of different interests. They cover almost all the available segments in their respective newspapers. But the majority of the readers are interested to know about the local and international affairs. In fact, the newspapers are the key source of information to them. They come to know about the events happening around them and in the world.

The number of population is over 40, 000 but the readership is not adorable at all. The people are highly busy with their respective tasks and thus they lack time to spend for reading newspapers.

The absence of the other media outlets is also felt heavily. There is no television channel or radio station is available there. Actually, they could not find their market to run the business. Hence, both the government and the private initiatives are also unwilling to set up new radio channel or television station.

The use of the internet is limited in the island. And the feature is available in a limited version. So, not everyone is entitled to use the internet. Those who have the access to the internet use it mostly for their social communication.

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