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This is a low lying island. And there are severe chances that the islands may go under water. So, the presence of media outlets is not that much prevalent here. The existing media outlets contain a newspaper only. But the newspaper is not published regularly as well. So, the overall media climate in the country is not satisfactory. And there are several reasons behind this situation.

As it is told earlier that the country is at risk of global climate change, the populations in the country are more worried about the issue than any other thing. They want to survive at first than any other issues. Usually, the locals are busy with their economic activities. Agriculture is the key source of their economy. They grow different types of agro-based products for their survival. The risk of disappearing in the ocean is the prime concern for which they are also unable to go for any massive production. As a result, the inhabitants of the islands are unable to focus on the other issues.

The newspaper enjoys a good amount of press freedom. In fact, the local authority of the islands does not interfere with the media issues. So, the newspaper is able to work independently. It mostly focuses on local issues. But some of the international issues are highlighted too for the benefit of the Islanders. In fact, the newspaper is the key source of information for the local people to know about the home and abroad issues.

So, the role of the newspaper in the society is great. It provides them with the news and views of different tastes. Sometimes, it publishes some sensational news and information which attract the locals most. Further, the newspaper is able to criticize the government in some points. If the issues are logical, the government admits the issues and takes preventive measures. At the same time, the newspaper also maintains a self-censorship. Under this rule, the newspaper does not publish anything which may appear unnecessary or shameful to the government.

The number of population in the islands is fewer. There are around 1500 people living here and most of them speak English. So, the newspaper also uses English to publish news and information.

There are no television stations available in the islands. In fact, there is no infrastructure or setup available to establish a television station. Besides, the islands lack skilled people to run the television station activities.

The similar theory is applicable to the radio. There is no radio station available in the islands. But they islanders have access to a few radio stations. Those stations broadcast some weather bulletins and other important news. In this sense, radio is the primary source of information for the local people of the islands.

There is a single internet service provider available on the island. The internet users mostly use the service for their social communication.

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