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The traditional media outlets of Tonga enjoy a good freedom. Basically, Tonga is a set of 170 islands. So, the media outlets are brighter in the regions. The islands underwent several dominations from different rulers and they knew the impacts of free and fair media outlets. So, the government restricts media freedom. Besides, the literacy rate of the islands is also higher which resulted in an outstanding environment for the media outlets. The readers and audiences eagerly wait for newspapers and broadcasts. Thereby, the circulation of the newspapers is moderate.

The official language of the islands is Tongan and English. But English is preferred as newspaper language. Almost all the newspapers and other media outlets publish and broadcast their news, reports and other shows in English. It has become easier for the common people to know about the news and events around them. Since most of the populations in the islands rely on agriculture, they are keen to know about the weather updates which they come to know from the newspaper updates or bulletins from the radio stations or television channels.

Freedom of the press in the regions is available to some limited extent. In fact, the government does not allow the media outlets to express freely their opinions. It appears that the government is afraid of the freedom of speech issues. So, it has imposed a remarkable number of restrictions on the media outlets. As a result, most of the media outlets own a pro-government attitude. And there are little chances to know the truth.

Besides, a majority of the media outlets are owned by the state. In this scenario, the media outlets are unable to express what they actually think about issues happening around them. When the issues are about the national issues, they represent them in a manner that the government does not need to feel worried about them. And when the events are against the government, the reports are coated with some pro-government flavor so that the real facts could not be revealed.

There are three weeklies available which mark the print media outlets. There is no daily newspaper available there. And the weeklies have a notable circulation. The printing activities are completed in New Zealand. Some of the outlets highlight the sensational news and information to hold readers’ attention. The monthly newspapers are arranged by the local churches.

The region has three radio stations. One of them runs under AM band while the two others serve as FM. The radio stations have their own contents and audience. In fact, radio is the key source of information for the local people.

A single television station serves the entire nation with different types of shows and events. The audiences enjoy the events very much. In fact, television is one of the key sources of entertainment for them.

The region has limited internet access. The people who have their access use the feature for their social networking.

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