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As the coral islands are located in the South Pacific Ocean, the media outlets could not shine like the other parts of the globe. But the media outlets of Tuvalu enjoy the freedom of the press. The islands have their long history of independence and underwent several regimes of rulers. But the media industry has flourished recently and they are operating in full-fledged in the present days. Most of the media outlets are operated by the government. So, they provide a pro-government attitude as well.

The local economy is based on agriculture and fishing. A large number of the islanders are peasants and fishermen. But the crowd of tourists is also adorable. The media industry mostly focuses on the local people than the tourists. So, the number of local news and events is more than the other types of issues. The media outlets come with different types of local and international news and information for the readers.

English and Tuvaluan is the official language of the islands. But the media outlets publish their copies and broadcast the news and information in English for the better acceptance for the common people of the region.

Though the media freedom is ensured, the media circulation, particularly the newspaper publication is limited. And the targeted audience number is smaller. Radio is the key source of information for the local people and they come to know about the happenings instantly from the radio stations. Though the radio stations are under the government ownership, they provide a wide range of news and issues to the listeners.

There is no daily newspaper available in the region. Rather, it has a fortnightly newspaper. The newspaper is aware of the censorship issues. So, whenever it finds anything critical or sensational, at first it determines the government’s position. If the news is against the government, it does not publish or censor the facts accordingly so that the government does not have to experience any unwanted situation or criticism. But it is liberal to the other aspects.

There are no local television channels is available in the islands. But the Islanders opt for satellite dishes to enjoy the television programs from the other parts of the world. They enjoy multi-types of television channels where they have the options to watch different types of shows and events.

The number of the internet users is also lower. And there is limited access to the internet. People who have the access mostly use the internet for their social and other communications. Since the internet service is not sufficient, there is no internet-based news agencies or websites available in the islands.

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