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Port Vila

The media outlets in Vanuatu are one of the most vibrant ones in the western Pacific regions. The media outlets play influential roles in the country. And they are the primary sources of information for the audience. Though the number of media outlets is few, they cater the needs of the people around the country in different languages.

The country has three official languages – English, Bislama and French. All of the languages are used for media publications. The number of readers for English language outlets is a bit more than the other language newspapers. Though the number of newspapers is more, the other types of media outlets are thinner in number. The state has a single television channel and that is owned by the state. Besides, there are a couple of radio stations are available in the present days.

Freedom of media is available in the country which helps the media outlets to express their own thoughts and issues. The government is reluctant to interfere with the media outlets. As a result, the media houses are able to even criticize the government actions and policies. When any policy is undertaken, the media outlets are allowed to criticize heavily if the policies are against the nation. But in such cases, the media outlets try to follow some self-censorship. They do not expose any highly secret information which may cast some negative impacts on the government.

There are two daily newspapers are available in the country while there is a single weekly newspaper. The daily newspapers publish their news and reports using English and French language. The readership of the newspapers is also moderate. They try to cover all the local and international events. But the print media outlets are not accessible to everyone. Besides, in line with the state-owned newspapers, there are some private newspapers are also under operation in the country. They also provide a notable number of news and information for the readers nationwide.

The radio outlets of the country have been operating since a long ago. The radios broadcast a wide number of shows and events for their audiences. Earlier, the radio broadcast was limited to some certain hours but now they broadcast round the day. The shows and events include news broadcast, shows, musical events, information programs and more. They run the radios in both AM and FM frequencies. Some foreign radio stations are also available in the country who serves the nation with the international events.

There is a single television station available in the country and that is owned by the government. The television station broadcasts a wide number of shows and events for the audience. But it is accessible to a few of the total population. The television programs include different types of shows and information for the audience.

There is a single internet service provider available in the country. And thus the application of the internet is also limited. The people who have their access to the internet mostly use it to communicate socially.

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