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Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Aha is very popular and famous internet radio station in Bangladesh. It airs from Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh. It simply covers the earth as it is a worldwide live radio station.

The Radio team organizes each and every program for the listeners in an exceptional way. Morning to morning, Sunday to Sunday the coverage of Radio Aha cannot be denied. The most interesting, popular programs are Saturday- Aha Valobasha, Shohodor shomachar, Sound of Farzan; Sunday- Tok-Jhal-Mishti, Rupkothar Ronghonu, DJ Emon; Monday- Bloggerz, Legends of Rock and Metal, Dibbar Cha; Tuesday- CinemaGraphy, Rockerz In Custody; Wednesday- Sports feasta, Ami Tumi Amra, Aha Roggolabh; Thursday- Fusion of Fashion, Underground Invasion; Friday- Aha Bazz!!!, Fube, I am Bangladesh, Kora chora etcetera. Excitement is truly in this program. For these young-generation are very much fond of this internet online radio station. Music mainly in Bengali, but Hindi and English songs can also be heard.

People of different tastes are satisfied with the extra ordinary service of Radio Aha. is the official website of Radio Aha. The head office is situated at Motaleb Tower, 2nd Floor (Suite # A), 8/2 Paribag, Hatirpool, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh.

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