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Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Dhaka is the first Bangladeshi online live radio station. Like other online radio station, it also based on music. It airs from Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was launched a few days ago. In this short time it has attained much popularity of the listeners. People go to its website and stay tuned.
Millions of people can hear it live from anywhere in the country. It covers not only Bangladesh but also other country people. Their mission is to reach corner to corner of Bangladesh and also other countries, so that the people of the whole world can come to know about Bengali culture. They represent the Bengali culture globally, targeting the listeners who speak Bengali and live both inside the country and abroad. They conduct programs on Bengali Culture, Music, News, Heritage, Tourism and many more for the regular listeners.
From the starting journey, it has been transmitting the peoples’ wishes, interests, and preference. Gradually, it is covering the whole world by its magical music shows. Their well-equipped team members are trying hard and soul for the development and completeness of each and every show.
The official website of Radio Dhaka is Through this listeners stay tuned at any time, any place.

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