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Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Radio Rong is a live online stream from Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is an online music station with mind reload music every time for music lover. It is mixed music type radio station.

It is a LIVE and fully dedicate own server streaming one. The listener need at least a 6 to12 kbps down line to listen to the NON-Stop radio. If the line is slower than present usual, then sopping and buffering may occur, but with a better bandwidth anybody can enjoy this one and only radio station.

Radio Rong always find the best vibrations in the music world and they put into their radio. They hope that by listening to this radio, the listeners will be able to pass a pleasant moment, heal, work or simply rest after a hectic day. The Radio team become very happy if the listeners find the radio helpful, as it is their main motto. Radio Rong tries to put best music on its radio.

Their mixed music includes Bengali, Hindi and English songs. It plays an extensive variety of music, ranging from golden classics to the latest song released from the top artists in Bangladesh, even mixing the hottest international tracks into the playlist.

Its popularity is growing day by day. is the website of Radio Rong.

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One thought on “Radio Rong”

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