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Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangladesh Television (BTV) a state owned national TV station began its operation in 1964. Basically it’s first Bangladeshi TV station. Not only that long time it was first — almost 40 years! Besides education and entertainment its mandate is to ensure the equitable dissemination of information to the mass people and contribute to the nations socio-economic development of this region.

BTV telecasts various program — from educational to news, from comprising drama to documentaries… Beside that this TV authority broadcast musical, educational and information, including 14 news bulletins in English and Bengali daily. The vision of the present goverment  is to make “Digital Bangladesh” by 2021 and BTV is working on it.

BTV has started “BTV World” satellite transmission on April 11 in 2004 while BNP (Bangladesh Nationalist Party) was in power. As a result BTV has now reached beyond the borders. BTV World is a separate channel of BTV.

BTV World transmission 24 hours satellite programs daily. Beside that BTV is going to open another named ‘Development Channel’ through satellite very soon. They has also ‘Sangsod TV’. This channel runs when Bangladesh National Parliament session continues.

BTV also known by the acronym BTV is the state owned television network in Bangladesh. It started broadcasting as Pakistan Television in what was then East Pakistan on 25 December 1964. It was renamed Bangladesh Television after the independence of Bangladesh in 1971. Broadcast in full color started in 1980. Almost two million television receive transmission from the networks 17 relay station.

This TV station most popular program is ‘Ittadi’. This is magazine program which is directed and produced by Hanif Sanket under his organization Fafun Audio Vision (FAF). But the popularity of BTV news is very slow. Because they are not showing the real scenario of the society. BTV all time showing only positive story and Governmental news including Ministers and MPs event.

BTV at a glance:  Launched:1964
Owned by: Government of Bangladesh
Country: Bangladesh
Language: Bengali and partial English
Broadcast area: Asia, Middle east, Partial Africa
Head Quarter: Rampura, Dhaka.

Beside that BTV has Chittagong Sub-Station which is situated in Foy’s Lake area at Pahartoli in Chittagong. Popularly renowned as CTV has also the strength to broadcast the news and program from there and they doing it every day successfully.

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