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Dhaka, Bangladesh

Channel 9 is one of the popular TV channel in Bangladesh. First it was established only for good entertainment. But all other station has news service. That’s why Channel 9 authority changes their mindset. They started news also. And with some days their news-program also became most popular.

Channel 9 started its journey in Bangladesh in 2011. They firstly started its test transmission on 8th April in 2011. It had the rights to broadcast the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL). On the 14th April 2012 the channel launched on Sky in the United Kingdom and Ireland where it replaced NTV. The channel broadcast free to air on Eutelsat 28A.

Sayda Mahbuba Akhtar wife of retired Major General Syed Shafayetul Islam, son of former acting president of wartime Provisional Government Syed Nazrul Islam. Also the younger brother of LGERD Minister and Awami League General Secretary Syed Ashraful Islam. Enayetur Rahman Bappy is the Managing Director of Channel 9. He resigned from NTV and joined in this newly born company — Channel 9.

Channel 9 features top quality productions with focus on popular drama, serials, games shows, children programs, reality shows and sports.

Channel 9 owned by Virgo Media Limited. This is a Bangladeshi based company. The main language of this TV station is Bengali and their broadcasting area is Asia and Europe. Channel 9 main office is in Dhaka. News and program is running from their head quarter at Panthapath, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.

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  1. চেনেল 9 কে আমার সালাম নিন
    আমার খুব ইচ্ছা ছিলো চেনেলে ইসলামী সংগীত গাবো কিন্তু পাচ্ছিন কারন আমার কোন লোক নেই
    আমার আকুল আবেদন আমি যদি
    চেনেল 9 নে একটু যেতে পারতাম
    কেউ যদি আমাকে একটু সুজুক করে দিতো
    তার প্রতি আমার লক্ষ সালাম

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