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Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Islamic TV is the first Islamic Television channel in Bangladesh. The owner of this TV station is the Syed Iskander. He is the younger brother of the former Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Khaleda Zia. Its head office is in the Bangla Motor, Dhaka in Bangladesh. They have been broadcasting a lot of lectures centering Islam. Dr. Zakir Naik was also one of their main host.

Islamic Television started its journey since the mid of April 07 in 2007. It has full operation and services in Dhaka with an independent   company in Bangladesh. Arrival of Islamic TV has great significance for Bangladesh as well as muslims in matters of benefiting from the spirit of the duty, discipline and harmony in Islam. Within very few days it has been popular among the Bengali people specially Muslims in this region.

But this station has been stopped by Government of Bangladesh for its illegal publicity and accused that they have misused broadcasting policy on 5th May in 2013 while Hefajot-e-Islam’s leaders and supporter were gathered at Motijheel against the Government of Bangladesh. Till today as of 2nd February 2014 this channel has no permission to start their operation of news and programs.

It is the first Bengali language Islamic satellite television channel for 208 million Bengali speaking people of the world. Online digital television channel Islamic TV of Bangladesh is a private satellite tv channel. This channel offers all kind of programs like news, commentery, Islamic Movie, live talk shows, serials, health, fashion, national and international sports, music, magazines show, agricultural programs etc.

Everyone was able to find telephone numbers, email address and programs schedule time-table and frequency symbol information within free of cost on their website. Live Bangladeshi TV is one of the largest source of Islamic program related TV.

This channels mother company name is Broadcast Islamic world. Their main office is in 34/1(3rd floor), Poribag, Sonargaon Road, Hatirpool, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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