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Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Today is the daily national newspaper of Bangladesh, published from Dhaka. It was founded on 24th August in 2002. The Bangladesh Today was founded by the initiative of former secretary M Asafuddowla. The founder Editor coined its former slogan that ‘Attune the Rhythms of Tomorrow’. Md. Jobaer Alam (Asst. Professor, Dhaka University), is the Chairman of Editorial Board, publisher and also is the Acting Editor.

It forms a space on where readers can exchange intelligence and informed commentary that enhances the quality of our news and information. It does not tolerate personal attacks, obscenity, vulgarity, profanity etc. Popularity, it attempts to achieve through conscientious journalism. It endeavors to bring trustworthy and verified news from around the nation and the world to our growing number of readers worldwide. News from both home and abroad.

It conveys news at the fastest way and connect the whole country people. So, ‘Uniting People Everyday’ is the slogan of The Bangladesh Today.

It is one of the successful newspaper of Bangladesh. It has about 665,648 likes on its Facebook Official page. It is headquartered in UTC Tower (Level 14), 8 Panthapath, Dhaka – 1215. ‘’, is its official website.

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