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The Asahi Shimbun is a national newspaper of Japan. Its circulation, which was 7.96 million for its morning edition and 3.1 million for its evening edition as of June 2010. It was second behind that of Yomiuri Shimbun. The company has its official headquarters in Osaka, Japan.

This famous newspaper had an cooperation sharing agreement with the International Herald Tribune, which is owned by The New York Times. Until 2010, they published the International Herald Tribune/The Asahi Shimbun daily for English readers, which replaced Asahi’s previous English-language daily, the Asahi Evening News. In 2010, this joint venture was dissolved due to unprofitability and the Asahi Shimbun now operates the Asia & Japan Watch online portal for English readers. The Tribune cooperates with Asahi on Aera English, a glossy magazine for English learners.

The Asahi Shimbun has very rich news portal-, in there you will not get advertise which is published in printed version, but its contents very useful which is important for develop your daily life. Till December, 2014; 1,41,453 people like The Asahi Shimbun page on Facebook:, so it is clear that The Asahi Shimbun also popular in world best social media. For measuring world wide website ranking by, The Asahi Shimbun present position till December 2014, 937 in Global Rank and 54 in Japan. Their Bounce rate is 49.40% and 93.7% reader read it through the internet from Japan.

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