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UK, Estb. : 1986
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The Independent is an English newspaper which is published from London, United Kingdom. This British national morning oldest newspaper published by Independent Print Limited and controlled by Alexander Lebedev since 2010. Nicknamed the Indy, it was began in 1986 and is one of the youngest UK national daily newspapers.

The daily edition was called National Newspaper of the Year at the 2004 British Press Awards. The current editor of this popular newspaper is Amol Rajan. He was appointed in 2013, and its deputy editor name is Archie Bland, he was appointed in 2012.

Initially it was a broadsheet newspaper. This newspaper has been published in a tabloid or small format since 2003. The Independent is considered as coming from the center-left, on culture and politics, but tends to take a more pro-market stance on economic issues.

It has not associated itself with any political party and features a range of views given on its editorial and comment pages. The paper firstly described itself as “free from party political bias, free from proprietarily influence”—a banner it approved on the front page of its daily edition. In March 2014, it had an average daily circulation of 63,907. And its the Sunday edition had a circulation of 100,549.

The Independent has very rich news portal:, in there you will not get advertise which is published in printed version, but its contents are very useful which is important to develop our daily life’s knowledge. Whenever whatever news or information newspaper readers want, they can easily get these from Independents websites archive.

Till December, 2014; 2,807,450 people liked The Independents page in Facebook-, so it is clear that The Independent  has also a very popular in world best social media. For measuring world wide website ranking by, The Independent present position till December 2014, 571 in Global Rank, 592 in United States, Bounce rate is 71.70% and 27.9% reader read it through internet from United States.

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