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USA, Estb.: June 1, 1980
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CNN stands for ‘Cable News Network’. It is a satellite TV news channel, multimedia operation based in USA. It is owned by Turner Broadcasting System, a part of Time Warner. This famous TV news channel was founded on 1st June, 1980. Upon its launch, CNN was the first all-news television channel in the United States.

In USA, it was the first television channel to give 24-hours news coverage. It broadcasts news over to 890k American hotel rooms, and also bearing on cable and satellite providers throughout Canada. CNN programming airs through CNN International that can be seen by audience in over 212 countries and territories. It uses English language.

With the Slogan ‘GO There, This is CNN’, it provides news and information about the most talked stories around the world. CNN International delivers up-to-the-minute information on the latest world, business, sports and entertainment headlines. Viewers become fans as they come to know about the global news first when they breaks.

Unlike most other news channel, it has more beautifully organized news programs all day long. is the official website of CNN. Headquarter of it is situated in CNN Center, Atlana, Geogia. If you want to visit other most popular news channels please visit this page: Famous TV News Channels of the World.

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