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Europe, Estb. : Jan. 1, 1993

Euronews is the most watched television news channel in Europe. It was launched in 1st January, 1993. It is owned by Euronews SA. From the very beginning, it covers world news from a European perspective. It is a multilingual news television channel and is broadcast worldwide.

Headlines from both Europe and the world are broadcast in half an hour interval on this channel. It conveys news focusing on commercial news, market statistics, European politics, and press reviews of the major European newspapers, sports news, art and culture, science, weather etcetera.

In a highly competitive news universe, this channel has a unique presentation model. At the start, it showed only video footage with recorded voice-overs. However, it extended news items contained in-version reporters. Its unique presentation styles includes no anchors, no studio for a immediately particular style, a different outlook, a multilingualism approach, an editorial policy of providing accurate and verified info.

Euro News is accessible in 350 million households in about 155 countries of the world. It is also available on IPTV and digital media. A mobile application, named “Euronews Live” for Android, iPhone and iPad is available on Android market and App store, which is free of cost. This widespread news channel has 894k likes on its Facebook page, 122k subscribers on YouTube and 141 k followers on twitter. It is headquartered in Lyon-Ecully, France.

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