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UK, Estb.: Feb. 5, 1989
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Sky News is the most famous news TV channel of United Kingdom. It is a 24-hours, multi-media news operation based in Britain. This TV channel is a concern of Sky plc. It was launched in 5 February, 1989, about 26 years ago. From the very beginning it had been providing news with a spirit of innovation and a spirit of independence.

It has also grown into a digital operation through its website and mobile apps. It is also a content provider for news services in the UK and around the world. Sky TV is not only popular in United Kingdom but also popular among the people who are familiar with English news.

It is an incomparable, world class, breaking news service that keeps us for our rivals and inspires us to challenge the status quo. In addition to the domestic TV channel, Sky News also hosts local versions of the channel: Sky News Australia and Sky News Arabia, and previously operated Sky News Ireland. Sky News also affords content for Yahoo! News, and is available on Apple TV, and Roku. People of the world are very much benefited by this world class news TV channel.

Sky News is very popular among the people around the globe. It has 2,733,395 likes on Facebook page. It has 1.9M followers on twitter. this is the official website of Sky News TV channel. ‘First for breaking news’, it is the slogan of this famous TV news channel.

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