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Kolkata, India
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Daily Aajkaal is a Bengali newspaper which is published from Kolkata, India. This newspaper was started in 1981 and its first editor was Abhik Kumar Ghosh. Daily Aajkaal is simultaneously published from Kolkata, Siliguri, Agartal and from Tripura also.

It was also the part of the transformation of the Indian newspaper industry in the 1980s. It is one of the most popular newspaper in Bengali edition in India. The population of West Bengal, Tripura and also the Bengalis all over India likes this newspaper. Apart from Anandabazar it is one the largest Bangla daily in India.

Aajkaal survived in a very competitive newspaper market in West Bengal with the special creation by its unique quality of news specially sports news and leftist perspective. But nowadays somebody feel that the quality of its sports news has deteriorated.

It is also one of the very few Indian dailies, that do not publish astrological predictions. It has also gone through a format change to incorporate more analytical features. The number of cerculation of Ajkaal is near about 200 thousands (2 lacs) per day.

The first editor of the newspaper was famous journalist Gour Kishore Ghosh. The present editor is renowned Ashok Dasgupta, a renowned sports journalist and first of his vision to become a full-fledged editor of an Indian daily.

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  1. I am interested to work in Aajkaal newspaper in Bangladesh.Actually ,i’m a newspaper journalist but it is not so hard for me to work in the newspaper.I don’t know which email i submit my C.V. Please anyone help me.

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