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China Radio International is an Online Radio station. It broadcasts from Shijingshan Road, 16th Beijing China, currently headquartered in Babaoshan, a subdistrict of Beijing, China. CRI started its worldwide journey from 3rd December 1941. The people’s republic of China is the owner of CRI, that it is a government broadcast house.

CRI follows the PRC Government’s stance on political issues, such as its controversial position on the Political Status. It endeavours to promote favourable relations between the PRC and the world. As with other nations’ external broadcasters like Voice of America, BBC World Service and Radio Australia, CRI plays a significant role in the PRC’s soft power strategy.

It has 30 overseas bureaus, and broadcasts 1 thousand 520 hours of programming each day (24 hours in English), including news, current affairs, and features on politics, the economy, culture, science and technology.

This Radio station is very much popular in the Southeast Asia and also all over the world. Most of the listeners trusts the new of CRI. Day by day this radio station and its news including other programs becomes very popular. By this way it’s play a very significant and obviously strong role in the world of broadcasting.

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