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Job Bank, Canada ( is a leading job portal of CANADA which was founded in 2005. This is a source of free and useful information about working in Canada. Job Bank is the Government of Canada’s foremost source for jobs and labor market information.

Different types of services about free occupational and career information as instance job opportunities, educational requirements, main duties, wage rates and salaries, current employment trends, and outlooks is offered by Job Bank to users.

The Job Bank also gives facilities to the aspiring immigrants. The portal works in tandem with the Express Entry and empowers the applicants in accessing local Canadian job market; contacting interested Canadian employers; and getting jobs that fit their qualifications and experience etc.

Securing an employment offer through Canada Job Bank would also enable the applicants to gain extra points to be claimed under the comprehensive ranking system (CRS), thereby increased ranking and also under the Federal Skilled selection criteria for entry into the Maple leaf country on the basis of permanent visa.

They have a vast coverage on Social Media, they have 72.6 k Likes on their Facebook page, 41.4K followers on Twitter Account. The Alexa Rank of it 10,422 as Global Rank and Rank In Canada 197 till 19th Febuary 2015.

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