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USAJOBS is a free web-based job board and the U.S. Federal Government’s official job source. USA JOBS has a variety of resources including customized job alerts, search tips, tutorials and many more. USAJOBS founded on September 16 in 1996.

The owner of this popular job platform is the United States Office of Personnel Management. Its mission is “Working for America.” USAJOBS team strive to make searching and applying for Federal jobs easier and faster.

It is the initiatives of the United States of America’s (USA) government. It has attracted over 17 million job seekers to create accounts throughout the USA. It is doing great work for the betterment of America (USA). It has a great impact over well education and work skills qualify for a Federal Jobs.

It’s a very popular career network between Job seekers and recruiters and it’s gained the people’s mind with their services and environment. Its social media access to people is also powerful as an example USA JOBS Facebook page reached over 14.2 Million likes.

The Alexa ranking of USA JOBS is 3875 (Global Rank) and in the United States, it is 825, its bounce rate is 27.70% till 14 February 2015. Its office is situated in Washington, District of Columbia 20415. 

Check more jobs in USA at Jooble.

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