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Bogra & Dhaka, Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, Newspaper usually is published in Bengali and English versions. There may find two types of newspaper in Bangladesh, usually in broadsheets and some as a tabloid newspaper. All newspapers publish in morning edition, there are no evening editions in Bangladesh. With digitization process, now-a-days most of the newspapers publish their online version.

Daily Karatoa popularly known as Dainik Karatoa (দৈনিক করতোয়া) is one of the most popular local newspaper which is in Dhaka and Bogra District. This newspaper is published as a daily newspaper. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and Borga is one most important city of Bangladesh with the importance of commercial, financial and as well as industrial sector. Dainik Karatoa plays an important role to broadcast news and meet up the regional meet.

This newspaper also provides many more entertaining news update and along with local news, this also provides national and international news update. It won people’s heart by their true, reliable news, with unique feature and a vast resource. The different categories of news including local news, local weather, local sports news, country news, world news, financial and commercial news, market info, recreation news, education news, entrepreneurship, daily tips, IT news etc.

Md. Mozammel Haque is the Publisher of Dainik Karatoa. It has online website ( which broadcast online news It’s Dhaka office is located in Sajon Tower, 4 Segunbagicha, Dhaka.

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