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Home » Bangladesh » Local Newspaper » Dainik Purbokone
Chittagong, Bangladesh
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Dainik Purbokone is a local popular Bengali daily newspaper. It is the regional newspaper of Chittagong, the second most populous city of Bangladesh. It is a major commercial, financial and industrial hub. Being the main seaport of Bangladesh, the city need a daily local newspaper. Dainik Purbokone came out successfully to meet up the regional need. After The Daily Azadi, popularly known as Dainik Azadi, Dainik Purbokone is the second popular newspaper in Chittagong.

This popular newspaper not only provides local news, but also provides very important country news and news of the world. It serves the people of Chittagong with its enriched writings. This daily newspaper won the heart of the people by its excellent and unique features.

It provides many info about daily life that are very useful to the local people. The different categories of news includes local news, local weather, seaport news, local sports news, country news, world news, horoscope, financial and commercial news, market info, recreation news, education news etc.

It has a website (, enriched with fresh and interesting news. The reader likes to have this unique newspaper with the morning tea. Architect Toslimuddin Chowdhury is the respected editor of Dainik Purbokone.

Its corporate office is situated in CDA Avenue, East Nasirabad, Chittagong. Contact details of Purbokone is here: 971/A, CDA Avenue, East Nasirabad, Chittagong. Phone: (031) 650909, 651906, 651906, 651968, 651887 Fax: (031)654011, e-mail: [email protected] Dhaka Office: Purana Paltan Lane, Dhaka-1000. Phone: 02-9332657, 8359382

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