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Dhaka, Bangladesh

BartaBangla is one of the leading online news portal of Bangladesh. It has Bengali and English version. BartaBangla is a Bengali word which means “Message in Bengali”. This newspaper is also a prominent and reliable news portal in South Asia.

This newspaper’s reader can easily get the taste of the modernized news delivery system in Bangla language:, and in English language: Whenever, whatever news information news searcher wants, they can easily get from their website archive as well. Their content very useful which is important to develop your daily life.

There is plenty of diversity in their news including political, religious, socio-economy, entertainment, sports, agriculture, etc. Not only that, it provides depth analysis on local and international political issues as well.

Till December, 2014; 6,551 people like BartaBangla pages on Facebook:, so it is clear that BartaBangla also popular in world best social media. For measuring world wide website ranking by, BartaBangla present position till January 2015, 2,47,450 in Global Rank, 2,404   in Bangladesh, Bounce rate is 17.60% and 49.4% reader reads it through the internet from Bangladesh.

This Bangladeshi news portal is published from Dhaka with the following contact details:

House # 95, Helena Centre (3rd Floor)
New Eskaton Road, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.
Tel: 0088 02 8331425, Fax: 0088 02 9334617
Cell: 0088 01928 366 311, 0088 01712 28 69 49
+ 88 01724 87 41 45 (News)
E-mail: [email protected]
[email protected]

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