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Dhaka, Bangladesh
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News Bangladesh ( is a mainstream online newsportal in Bangladesh. Which is a sister-concern of renowned company PARTEX AMBER group. Young, Energetic & Mainstream Journalists are working in this reliable news organization.
As of 23rd October 2016, Mr. Ahmed Jewel working there as Head of News. Formerly he was the News Editor of, Assistant Output Editor of and Deputy News Editor of
Mr. Mahbub Alam is News Editor of News Bangladesh. He is Assistant Professor of UoDA & former Assistant News Editor of
Munif Ammar is the Chief Reporter of’s reporting team.
You will be happy to see the other name of professional journalists of this media organization . Most of them are from mainstream online portals, newspapers & television channels.
News Bangladesh’s Facebook Page URL is:
Their contact details is:

Navana Tower (13th Floor), 45 Gulshan South C/A, Circle-1, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Mobile: +8801787687497
Fax: +88 02 8819221
email: [email protected]
[email protected]

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