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Dhaka, Bangladesh
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NGO News ( is a great source of information about all kinds of Non-Governmental Organization activities related to news and information worldwide. Anyone can easily understand what are we going to give our user. Basically NGO News dot com is a service-oriented organization.

We have a vast collection of NGO related information and links. You can use it easily to find any news about NGOs. If you want to visit huge websites, we do not have more talk, but if you want to get all information on a single platform in a single moment, we will suggest you visit our site. We can assure you that the best one website in the world to give you the NGO related news and information. It’s a place where you can find all of NGO news in a grip.

We have a number of quality workers in our team. All of them completed their higher education from the famous public universities. They are really hard-working, dedicated, enthusiastic, and self-motivated to give service to our clients and users. Our team leader Ms. Nazmun Nahar is a prominent journalist in Bangladesh.

Ms. Nazmun already achieved the unique quality of journalism. Currently, she is doing her duty as Editor and Chief Executive Officer of NGO News. So we believe that our user will get something better than others about NGO related news worldwide.

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