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Dhaka, Bangladesh

Priyo News is a leading popular Bengali daily online newspaper. Within a few months of its online publication, it has gained tremendous popularity. It quickly reached the top position in terms of online circulation and availability.

If we want to live in green and safe the environment then we should not cut off the trees. So digitization of newspaper which is called news portal can save the trees because we don’t need to print it out anymore and save the money as well. Priyo News has very rich news portal in Bengali language:, and in English language:, its contents very useful which is important for develop your daily life. Whenever, whatever news information news searcher wants, they can easily get from their awesome website.

Till the date 25th Decemeber, 2014; 411,297 people like Priyo News page in Facebook:, so it is very clear that Priyo News is also very much popular in world best social media. For measuring world wide website ranking by, Priyo News present position till 25th December 2014, 5,899 in Global Rank, and 26 in Bangladesh. Their bounce rate is 37.80% and 86.2% reader read it through internet from Bangladesh.

This Bangladeshi news portal is published from Dhaka with the following contact details:

Email: [email protected] | Phone: +880-2-910-1355, +880-11-9317-6356

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