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Dhaka, Bangladesh
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The Daily Bhorer Kagoj is one of the oldest Bengali Newspaper of Bangladesh. It’s founded in 1992. It was most popular newspaper till 2002 from when it started. Reknowned journalist Naimul Islam Khan was the founder and editor of this newspaper.

Then Matiur Rahman, who is now the editior of Daily Prothom Alo, took charge of this newspaper. Then Benazir Ahmed was its editor. After that Abed Khan took charge. Current editor of Bhorer Kagoj is Shyamal Dutta, who was a diplomatic journalist of this newspaper.

This newspapers typically publish news articles and feature articles on national and international news as well as local news. The news includes political events and personalities, business and finance, crime, severe weather, and natural disasters; health and medicine, science, and technology; sports; and entertainment, society, food and cooking, clothing and home fashion and the arts. Mela and Istikutum, feature pages of Bhorer Kagoj is popular to readers.

It contains 16 pages & worth BDT 5. As of 1st June 2014, the circulation of Daily Bhorer Kagoj is around 1,50,000. Saber Hossen Chowdhury is the owner of this paper. Tarik Sujat is its publisher & it published from Hamrai Press.

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