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Dhaka, Bangladesh
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The Daily Inqilab is a major daily Bengali newspaper in Bangladesh. It’s published by Kaderia Publications and products Ltd through Inqilab Publications Ltd. Its office situated in 2/1 R K Mison Road of Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh. Its publisher is A M M Baha Uddin.

This newspaper is very popular among the Muslim community in Bangladesh. Beside that it has huge reader from the Islamic political party Jaamat-e-Islam. Not only that Bengali people who are live other than Bangladesh (NRB) also read this newspaper everyday through internet.

The Daily Inqilab is Bangladesh’s oldest Broadsheet Bengali newspaper. It’s online portal is quite popular among the Bengali community. According to the Alexa ranking Bangladesh The Daily Inqilab is in 159 in Bangladesh & 27,422 in worldwide & bounce rate is 19.10% till 26th May 2014.

Beside that 66.9% reader read it through internet from Bangladesh. The Daily Inqilab contains 16 broadsheet pages daily. Its price is high than other popular newspapers of Bangladesh, It worth BDT 12. They do not publish any extra feature page. 467,390 people like Inqilab on their Facebook fan page. The Daily Inqilab passing 28th year of it’s publication.

Inqilab publications has been stopped on 14th January, 2014 by the Government authority. They got allegation that this paper is involved with spreading propaganda against Bangladesh Government (GoB). As an allegation three journalists of this newspaper were caught by police.

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