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Dhaka, Bangladesh
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The Daily Jaijaidin is a daily newspaper which is published from Bangladesh. In Bengali language the name of “Jaijaidin” means Time is running (Days are going!?). Its Founder Editor is Shafiq Rehman. He is prominent senior journalist of Bangladesh. Currently (as of 7th July, 2014) its Acting Editor is Kazi Rukonuddin Ahmed.

At the beginning it has been published weekly basis as “Saptahik Jaijaidin”. Note that it was first published in 1999 as the daily tabloid. That it could not respond to the Daily Express, as well as closed. Then in 2006 starts newspaper published daily. It’s online edition Jai Jai Din has entertainment, business, Politics, science, technology, sports, movies, travel, jobs, education, health, environment, human-rights news and also the breaking news are available in their online and offline edition.

This Newspaper’s office located at “Jaijaidin Mediaplex” Building in Tejgaon, Dhaka. It is the most luxurious newspaper in Bangladesh.

Valentine’s Day on 14 February launch of the Day as “Jaijaidin Valobasa Dibosh” is published which is most populate special edition of them. Jaijaidin special edition of the reader from the text of the ideas introduced. On the occasion of the publication of the general public as a result of this initiative, a lot of readers got the motivation to become a writer. JaiJaiDin widely publicized sentence “the reader spends the author, write by the reader.” Several readers frequently write in this newspaper. Not only that, the popularity of the reader’s voted for verification Artists, Jai Jai Din ideas first brings the country.

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