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The Daily Sangbad is the most oldest and respectable Bengali language Newspaper in Bangladesh. “Sangbad” is a Bangla word which means “News”. On 17th May 2014, they celebrated their 63 years of contribution in the news sector of Bangladesh. On May 17, 1951, this Newspaper owned and published by businessman Gias Ahmed and edited by Khairul Kabir.

In 1952, this prestigious newspaper was bought by the Muslim League. In 1954 elections, the Muslim League lost its position, then publication of Sangbad deadlock occurs, then poet Ahmadul Kabir were bought the ownership of this newspaper. Until his death in 2003, he served as the chief editor of The Daily Sangbad.

In its long journey, Daily Sangbad has enlightened creativity among those whose brilliant journalist- Nasir Uddin Ahmed, Khairul Kabir, Kabir Ahmadul, Ranesa Dasgupta, Satyen Sen, Syed Nuruddin, Zahoor Hussain Chowdhury, Abu Jafar Shamsuddin, Shahidullah Kaiser, Toha Khan, Santosh Gupta, Bazlur Rahman. Since birth, Sangbad play vital role for develop whole news sector in Bangladesh.

As an oldest newspaper it did not stay with its tradition, also welcome the new technology without any hesitation. Printed hardcopy looks like online edition of Sangbad Newspaper’s website- E paper of Sangbad means Electronic Edition of its printed version, which is called e-Paper in technology world.

The advantage of that website, any kind of advertise in printed version, you will get there.  Whenever whatever news information you want in Bengali Language, you can easily get from their websites archive. Not only that, Daily Sangbad has also very rich Bangla news portal-, in there you will not get advertise which is published in printed version, but its contents very useful which is important for develop your daily life.

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