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Qilu Evening News (disentangled Chinese: 齐鲁晚报; customary Chinese: 齊魯晚報), situated in Jinan, Shandong Province, People’s Republic of China, is a standout amongst the most flowed daily papers on the planet as per China Daily. According to China Internet Information Center, a Chinese government web-based interface, the daily paper has a dissemination of 1.67 million, making it the fifth most broadly circled every day daily paper in China.The Evening News was established on 1 January 1988, and its masthead (logo on account of the online release) was composed in Chinese calligraphy by previous fundamental pioneer Deng Xiaoping.[3] It is as of now distributed by Dazhong Newspaper Group (Chinese: 大众报业集团), which starting at 2011 distributed eleven other Chinese newspapers. According to the organization’s authentic life story, its image was worth 2.896 billion yuan (US$0.45 billion) in 2011.

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