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Copenhagen, Denmark
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Mandag Morgen is a Danish weekly business and political magazine published in Copenhagen, Denmark. Chief Editor of this newspaper is Lisbeth Knudsen.


According to Wikipedia Mandag Morgen was established in 1989. The magazine is published by the House of Mandag Morgen on a weekly basis.


Its major target audience is decision-makers in both private and public sector. Although main focus of Mandag Morgen is on business and economy, it also covers articles about public sector reforms and politics. For instance, the magazine publishes the results of various opinion polls one of which was about the changing attitudes of Danes about Islam following the events of 11 September 2001.


Mandag Morgen says, it is a magazine and a think tank. They help decision makers identify and understand the challenges that society is facing. They develop and communicate new solutions to those challenges. They cover a range of topics  including healthcare, local politics, education, welfare, digital society, sustainability, business and growth.


Mandag Morgen consists of :

Mandag Morgen Weekly – a digital and print magazine with weekly analyses as well as occasional thematic special issues. Mandag Morgen Think Tank – their project and development department, which specializes in analytic reports, events, workshops and networks. – translates to ‘Check It’ and is the only media in Denmark solely dedicated fact checking the public democratic debate. Mandag Morgen combines competencies from the fields of media, academia and consulting and they are in constant development, which makes many of their activities experimental in nature.


The employees of Mandag Morgen primarily include high level experts and top academics with post-graduate degrees in business management, government administration, political science, sociology, anthropology and journalism.


Their address and contact details are as follows :

Ny Kongensgade 10, 2nd floor
1472 Copenhagen K
Tel. 3393 9323

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