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The traditional media outlets in Albania are running their operation smoothly. The mainstream media outlets include print, radio and television broadcast. The media outlets are able to criticize the government policies to some extent. The newspapers enjoy a remarkable amount of press freedom while the other media outlets are also able to operate independently inside the country border.

Albania has a good literacy rate among the citizens. So, the number of readerships is more. As a result, the media outlets, particularly the newspapers have been operating with smoothness. The newspapers come with a good number of information and news for the readers across the country. They also serve as the key source of information for the readers.

Freedom of the press is assured in the country. It allows the media outlets to express what they think or believe. Even, the media outlets are also able to criticize some of the government policies. But they have to be critical to some extent. A wide criticism is not allowed that may bring defame for the government. Though there are not punitive measures for the media outlets, the wide criticism may make the relationship with the government lower. But, this is really important to maintain a good relationship with the government.

The number of print media outlets is not exactly known at this time. But a moderate number of newspapers are available there. The newspapers mostly provide news of national and international interest. The newspapers are enabled to provide criticize of the government to some extent. They are able to comment on the policies taken by the government and in some points, the government becomes flexible with the policies. Moreover, the newspapers are also responsible to provide with the necessary information for the readers.

The television outlets broadcast a wide number of events for the nationwide audiences. The television channels mostly broadcast news, shows, musical events, drama serials and other events. A couple of the television channels are owned by the state and so, they entertain less about the anti-government issues. But this is still a medium for the people to get entertained after a hefty day.

Radio outlets are also available in the country and there are good numbers of channels are available here. The radio channels are the key source of communication for the citizens. They come to know about the happenings around instantly from the radio outlets. Moreover, the radio stations broadcast some useful bulletins and shows for the countrywide audience.

The use of the internet is also available here. And there are some internet-based newspapers are also operating in the country who have a wide number of readers.

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