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Andorra la Vella

The traditional media outlets in Andorra are formed with newspaper and radio. Since this is a small region, there are only six television channels available in the country. But the local people have their access to satellite connections too via different private sources. The media outlets enjoy a moderate freedom of the press. Thus they are able to publish news and information of varied interests. As a result, the media outlets are expressing their own thoughts and principles.

The country is located between France and Spain. So, the natural views of the localities are extremely attractive. As a result, a large number of people crowd in the country to enjoy the natural scenarios. Hence, tourism has become a great business in the areas and the primary source of income for the local people. Most of the locals are engaged in the tourism industry and the media outlets play an important role to expand the business. There are some tourist seasons in the country which draws most of the crowd.

The summer is warmer here and the tourists are allowed to get duty-free goods. So, this is a heaven for them. The issue is tremendously covered by the existing media outlets. The tourists also take part in different types of sports in winter which is attractive to them. The summer climate is enjoyable that also invites the tourists in the summer days. As a result, tourism has become the largest business and brings the largest part of the national GDP in the country.

The country underwent different ruling periods but now the rulers are reluctant to interfere on the media issues. Though some of the media reports are pro-government, most of the media outlets prefer to speak in a neutral tone. The similar scenario is seen on the radio stations. The government respects the media freedom. As a result, the media operation is smooth in the country.

The rate of literacy is moderate in the country and so the number of readers is high for the print media outlets. The print media outlets publish their newspapers in English.

At present, there are two daily newspapers are available in the country. They operate their outlets across the country. Even, the newspapers have their online presence as well. The numbers of the readers are moderate which helps the media outlets to operate smoothly. Besides, there are two weeklies are also available in the country and they also have a good number of readers.

The country has two radio stations and they are the primary source of information for the countrymen. The radio stations offer some special news and shows for the nationwide audiences. The weather bulletin is the preferable item for the listeners.

Andorra has six television channels. The channels cater the needs of the local people. They have different types of shows and events for their audiences. But the television stations are a bit reserved regarding the news and information broadcast.

The country has a single internet service e provider. But the locals have their moderate access to the internet.

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