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The traditional media outlets in Austria enjoy a good amount of freedom but the number of media outlets is on the decline. At present, there are only 15 newspapers are under operation and there are fewer chances that the number will increase. But the tabloids are performing very well in the country. The number of other media outlets like television and radio is moderate. Readership in the country is adorable and the readers prefer to read a wide variety of news and information. Television and radio are the key source of information for the audience to know about the global happenings.

A few of the newspapers are running under subsidy by the government because there are huge competitions among the other media outlets. So, it is really tough to compete if the newspaper or the outlets does not have any authentic contents for the readers. And it would be tough in the coming years to sustain the outlets if they are unable to satisfy the readers across the nation. Besides, there are some other reasons responsible for the media outlet declines. The price of newspapers is also higher in the country which bars the publication to some extent.    

The media outlets enjoy freedom of speech in the country. The government does not have any bar on them to publish any specific news and reports. Even, the media outlets are able to publish news and reports against the government. And in such cases, the government takes the necessary steps to amend their policies and decisions. But the media outlets are unable to defame any individual or the government if they do not have any adequate evidence. In that case, the media outlets might be sued as well. Therefore, the media outlets need to be careful while publishing news and information. But once the reports are published, there are no doubts about the authenticity of the news. 

At present, there are 15 newspapers are under operation in the country. Most of them are dailies and the circulations of the tabloids are more than the regular newspapers. The newspapers mostly cover the local and international news and events. Sometimes, they are seen criticizing the government policies. But they maintain a sense of self-censorship. They aim to make the government aware of the issues. And they mean no harm in it. The readership of newspapers is moderate.      

Over four television stations are operation in the country. Some of the channels are owned by the government while the remaining others are privately-owned. The state-owned media outlets are a bit pro-government. But the contents are attractive too. The private stations broadcast a wide number of news and events for the audience. Satellite television channels are also available in the country and the audiences need pay a subscription fee for that.

Seven radio stations are under operation in the country. They come with a good number of news and events for the listeners across the country. The radio stations mostly broadcast news bulletins, musical shows, and other events. The radio stations are accessible from any part of the country.

The use of the internet is also available in the country. A large number of people have their access to the internet. They browse different online-based news websites to know about the latest happenings. They also use the internet for their social communication.

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