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The media outlets in Belarus are lively. But there are some issues with the media outlets. They are highly dominated by the government. The mainstream media outlets are made with newspapers, television and radio stations. All the media outlets have their respective targeted audiences. They prepare contents accordingly to satisfy the readers and audiences. The rate of literacy is moderate. The media outlets are operated through monthly subscriptions, advertisements from different sources and some other revenues generated from sales of their products.

The country assures the freedom of the press by the constitution. But in reality, the assurance appears of no use. The government is rigid regarding the media outlets. And often dominate the outlets in different possible ways. The government does not allow the media outlets to express what they actually think or believe. When the media reports go against the government policies, the government takes strict measures against the media. Laws are restrictive and sometimes the media outlets are also offended by the anti-extremism legislation.

Earlier, the country had several separations and thus the use of different languages is visible here. The culture and literature of the region are enriched. Thereby, the media outlets have their respective group of audiences. The newspapers have their publication in several languages while the television channels also have the similar story to tell. The diversified use of language has brought a certain type of revolution in the country regarding their circulation and broadcasting.

The history of the newspaper dates back to the 18th century. It was the beginning of the newspapers and now this print media outlet has expanded to a great extent. At present, the number of the newspaper is over 500 across the country. The newspapers cover the entire country with different varied types of news and information. The newspapers mostly serve the local and international affairs. Besides, there are some special supplements available from time to time. There are some magazines which are also popular. Since the literacy rate is moderate in the country. But the newspapers need to maintain some censorship. They do not publish news and reports against the government.

The number of television channels is limited and not accessible to all. The existing television channel operates for six hours in a day. And the contents are heavily censored. Different types of contents are broadcast on the television based on the needs of the audience. But they also censor the shows after the government’s directives.

Radio stations have also limited operation hours. And most of the stations broadcast news and information of varied interests. The radio stations broadcast its programs using the local language. And this is the primary source of information for the listeners across the country.

The use of the internet in the country is moderate. The users mostly use the internet to know about the world and for their social communication.

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