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The mainstream media outlets of Belgium are made of newspaper, television, radio and the internet. But there are some issues prevailing as the country is divided into several linguistic regions. As a result, the media outlets are often confused what to do. So, they have accordingly made necessary arrangements to publish or broadcast news and information. The linguistic barrier is the key issue here that hampers the advancement of the media outlets. Different types of people live in the country and they belong to German, France, and Dutch. This combination of types has led to a critical situation for the media outlets.

The media outlets in the country are free to operate within their regional boundaries. In fact, since there are linguistic boundaries, the media outlets do not cross their boundaries and publish or broadcast news and information in the other regions where there are no audiences of their own language. It has made the media outlet operation easier in many senses. It also helps to bring a classification among the media outlets in their respective regions.

A majority of the locals are fond of print media outlets. In fact, the print media outlets are the key sources for them to know about the world around them. But sometimes, they also rely on the internet for the same purpose when there is any specific emergencies occur. The literacy rate is moderate in the region. And hence, the number of newspaper readers is higher. The newspapers in the region have their targeted audiences who play an influential role in the survival process of the newspapers.

The freedom of the press is moderate in the region. The government has no or less headache with the media outlets. The government allows the media outlets to criticize its policies. There are no restrictions at all in the case of criticizing the government policies until those are really flawed. Accordingly, the government takes necessary measures to amend the policies or to revise the system. This is a positive aspect of the country that the government is liberal towards the media outlets.

Over 20 newspapers are under operation in the country and they publish the newspapers in different languages. The number of English dailies is fewer than the Dutch or French news. The newspapers mostly come with news and views of different interests. They cover a wide number of aspects for their readers. But the newspapers also maintain a sense of self-censorship.
The number of television channels is over 25 in the country. And they provide a wide number of news and information to the audiences. The television channels broadcast their programs in different languages and they have audiences in each of the languages. They run different types of shows and events to entertain the nationwide audiences.

The radio stations are also doing well in terms of competition. This is one of the primary sources of information for the audiences across the country. As a result, the audiences rely on radio stations to know about the latest happenings around the world instantly.
The use of the internet is also adorable. The majority of the internet users use the service either for their social communication or for their personal use.

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