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The traditional media outlets in Croatia are made with newspaper, television, and radio. The number of media outlets is moderate in the country and the audiences also prefer different types of media outlets to know about the world and things happening around them. A majority of the media outlets are owned by the government and the remaining others are operated by the profit organizations. Most of the media outlets bear their operational costs from the revenue that they generate from advertisements and sales of products.

Earlier, the conditions of media outlets were unpleasant. The media outlets suffered different types of injustices and now the scenarios are different. The freedom of the speech is ensured by the government. The media outlets are able to express their thoughts and views easily. They do not need to take prior permission from the authority. Even, they are allowed to criticize the government policies to some extent unless that proves highly harmful to the government. As a result, the media outlets have become a place of trust for the citizens of the country.

The media outlets are able to form opinions about different issues when there are situations. The media in the country is able to play roles to generate a reaction among the people on issues. The rapid changes in the media outlets appeared after the 1990s. Before the period, the media outlets had born heavy influence of the government. At that time, the outlets were suppressed by the ruling parties.

The media contents are made with different issues. Since there are different types of audiences available in the country, they have different needs. And the media outlets provide the contents after the needs of the audience group. They have several types of shows including educational shows, entertainment shows, news bulletins and more. But the print media outlets have some lacking. Due to geographical location, the print media outlets are unable to access all the parts of the country.

Journalism in the country underwent different changes and the journalists also experienced the similar situations. Earlier, they had to get patronage from the political parties for their survival. They also had to be loyal to some parties. But with the change in the government in the later phase, a good number of the journalists have failed to adjust with the new system.

Over 15 local and regional dailies are in operation in the country. They come with different types of news and information for the audiences. The outlets are able to criticize government policies to a certain extent. But they are also careful about publishing authentic news and information for the readers across the nation.

The country has over 20 television channels functional inside the boundary. The television channels broadcast a wide number of shows and events for the nationwide audiences. In fact, television is one of the key sources of information and entertainment for the people.

The country has a massive radio station networks. There are over 50 radio stations are available. The radio channels are mostly famous for the news bulletins and local events. They also broadcast different other interesting events for the audiences.

The use of the internet is widespread in the country. Almost everyone has their access to the internet. They use the internet to browse the news websites and for their social communication purposes.

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