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The media outlets in Cyprus are formed with print and broadcast outlets. The outlets are operating their business in a free and fair process across the country. The existing economic framework in the country is strong and the journalists are able to express their thoughts and opinions. They are also legally entitled to express their opinions. As a result, the press freedom in the country is reasonable. As a result, the media outlets are able to operate freely inside the country. The government takes less attention to the media reports published or broadcasted. The number of readers is also remarkable. As a result, the print media outlets are also having a good readership.

The media outlets are mostly operated by the private initiatives. But there are some state-owned media outlets also operating in the country. They mostly care for the news and information related to the government. They do not publish news or information which may go beyond the government policy or defame the government. As a result, they own a pro-government attitude. On the other side, the private media outlets are liberal on such issues.

The media outlets have their own sources of revenue. They publish advertisements of different things which are the key sources of their revenue. Moreover, they also have a notable number of circulations. Considering all the issues, they are able to run smoothly. Their economic position is stronger than the other neighboring countries in terms of payment and maintenance of their respective outlets.

Over 10 newspapers are operating in the country. Some of them are dailies while some are weeklies. Besides, there are some regional newspapers are also available in the country. The newspapers mostly deal with the news and information of local and international issues. But the newspaper outlets are a bit careful about the censorship issues. Although there is less nosiness from the government, they do not publish any news or information which may hamper their relationship with the government.

Around 25 television channels are under operation in the country. The television channels broadcast a wide array of shows and events for the nationwide audiences. They broadcast news and information of different interests. Most of the time, they broadcast shows for countrywide targeted audiences. They broadcast musical shows, drama serials, news bulletins and others based on the needs of their audiences. A majority of the television channels run on private initiatives while the number of state-run television channels is few.

The country has enriched radio stations. There are over 50 radio stations are available in Cyprus. And they operate the stations round the day. They have their targeted audiences and accordingly, they produce their contents. As a result, radio has become the key source of information and in some cases entertainment for the people in the country.

The number of the internet users is also increased. There is a notable number of internet-based news agencies are operating in the country. Some of the people use the internet for their private use of maintaining social communication etc.

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