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The media outlets of Faroe Islands are made with print and broadcast outlets. There are newspapers, television channels and radio stations are currently operating in the islands. Since the number of population is lower here, the media outlets do not have a spontaneous operation. They mostly deal with the local and international events to keep the inhabitants informed about the latest happenings. Besides, they are also the greatest source of entertainment for the people.

Earlier, television broadcast was troublesome in the country. No terrestrial broadcast was available before 2002. So, the audiences had to adopt diversified ways to watch television programs. But after 2002, the first terrestrial television station was introduced that allowed the people to enjoy different types of shows and events. Besides, they also have the chances to enjoy some satellite television channels as well. In that case, they need to pay a subscription fee to the service providers.

Seven newspapers are under operation altogether in the islands. They come with a wide variety of news and information for the readers. The circulation of the newspapers is also moderate and the majority of the readers prefer mostly to read the newspapers in the morning hours. As a result, the newspapers try to focus on the readers’ interest. They sometimes publish some sensational news and information for the readers in the islands. As a result, the competition among the newspapers is a bit strong. They try to beat their competitors in terms of reliable and authentic news.

Over 20 television channels are in operation in the islands. They come with different types of news and shows for the audiences. Most importantly, they have their targeted audiences and accordingly they produce the contents. The television channels broadcast shows of varied interests. Most of the channels have a remarkable number of TRP. The most important channels of the islands mostly focus on the shows which are popular and grab audiences’ attention. Some foreign satellite television channels are also aired in the islands and the audiences have to subscribe them.

About seven radio stations are operating in the islands. They come with different types of attractive news and information for the listeners. In fact, this is the key source of information to the Islanders. They come to know about the news and happenings around them instantly through browsing the radio channels.

The use of the internet is relatively lower in the islands. And the access is also limited.

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