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Finland is a country where nearly 90% of people spend 40 minutes on reading newspapers and 42 minutes on magazines per day. The number of daily newspapers is 55. Some of them are:

  • Aamulehti (Tampere)
  • Demari (Helsinki)
  • Itä-Häme (Heinola)
  • Karjalainen (Joensuu)
  • Daily Finland
  • Helsinki Times (Helsinki)

Aamulehti is a Finnish newspaper which is published in Tampere, Finland. It is basically the morning newspaper for the Finnish people. It was founded in 1881 and is a very popular newspaper.

Demari is actually called Demokraatti in Finland and it is published in the capital city Helsinki. It is also morning newspaper and was established in 1895.

Itä-Häme is a morning tabloid newspaper published in Heinola in the Itä-Häme, Finland. It is also published in the Finnish language. It was first founded in 1927. The paper is published six times a week so it has a great amount of popularity.

Karjalainen is the third oldest newspaper of Finland published in Joensuu of eastern Finland. The newspaper was first published in 1874 under the name Karjalatar. A teacher named  Henrik Piipponen established it.

Daily Finland is basically an online newspaper which is published in English. The online edition of Daily Finland is

Helsinki Times is another online English newspaper in Finland. It was first established in 2007 and is very well known among the English speaking residents of the country.

As there are lots of Finnish people who love to read magazines,  for them there are many different  Finnish magazines like Moottori- a very old automobile magazine established in Helsinki, Pelaaja- a very prominent magazine for Gamers  which is published 12 times a year, also there are cultural magazines like Six Degrees,  Lumooja, current event magazines like Ovi magazine, Seura, fashion magazines like Slitz, Olivia and many more.

There are about  189 radio stations and 130 TV stations in Finland. The rate of TV and Radio consumption are almost same i.e. 142 minutes. A very well known TV channel is FOX which is famous for its series, films, documentaries. Other TV channels are TV5, Nelonen, Jim, Kutonen etc. There are 343 satellite subscribers and 954,200 cable subscribers to broadcast these channels. There are several radio channels including online ones. Most of the radio channels are Finnish. Some are English, for e.g. Yle’s radio channel Mondo offers radio programmes in English and many other languages.

Although consumption of TV and Radio aren’t much, at a recent survey, it is found out that daily social media usage of Finland grew from 60% to 80% within 2016-2017. First, they were Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram but later on, when Whatsapp and Facebook messenger hit the market, the usage of Youtube and Instagram got a bit reduced.

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