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Media in Germany is very advanced. The German people are very updated and well connected to the world through their print, electronic and broadcast media. There isn’t any official censorship but as a result of the Fascist period of government and the desire to amend for the past, Nazi propaganda and other hate speech are illegal.
The German print media is both public and private. They have freedom of the press that directly comes from the German constitution and states under Article 5 that:
1. Everyone has the right freely to express and to disseminate his opinion by speech, writing and pictures and freely to inform himself from generally accessible sources. Freedom of the press and freedom of reporting by radio and motion pictures are guaranteed. There shall be no censorship.

2. These rights are limited by the provisions of the general laws, the provisions of law for the protection of youth and by the right to inviolability of personal honor.
3. Art and science, research and teaching are free. Freedom of teaching does not absolve from loyalty to the constitution.

They have 382 daily newspapers and 25 non-daily newspapers. So it is very easier to understand that print media is very popular in Germany. The Germans spend their 30 minutes time daily in newspaper consumption and 10 minutes on magazines. Some of the daily newspapers are
1) Süddeutsche Zeitung published in Munich, Bavaria
2) Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung published in Frankfurt
3) Die Welt and many more.
Electronic television in Germany first started in Berlin on 22nd March 1935. The number of television sets in Germany also makes the German people spend 185 minutes daily on television. They have 373 TV stations and 51,400,000 TV sets. Some of the TV channels are ZDF, Das Erste, RTL, ProSieben etc. There aren’t any basic laws about the television channels of Germany but they are strictly regulated.

There are about 822 radio stations in Germany. Some of them are public like Deutschlandfunk, DRadio Wissen, Deutschlandradio Kultur etc. Others are private radio stations such as Klassik Radio, sunshine live, Radio Teddy etc. The German people spend 206 minutes on radio consumption which makes this media even more popular.

Though the number of individuals with Internet access is 24,000,000, the German people spend little time on the Internet. Only 50% of people use social media in Germany and the internet consumption rate is surprisingly only 13 minutes a day.

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