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Media in Hungary are mostly online, print and broadcast, like newspapers, radio, television, magazines.

Newspapers: In Hungary there are more than 40 daily newspapers and about 1600 print publications. Népszabadság was the most popular newspaper up to 2000 with a daily circulation of 210000. A new Swedish owned surpassed it freely distributed tabloid, Metro. It had a circulation of 235000 in 2002. A constant circulation of war remains among the newspapers, competing in declining readership market amid an excess of publication and increasingly turning yellow journalism in an attempt to gain market.

Broadcast: One of the most broadcast media is television. It was introduced in 1957. The color transmission was introduced in 1971. Until 1973 Hungary had only one television channel. In the mid-1990s when private and commercial broadcasting started in Hungary. The broadcast media has been one area of concern in transition to a free press. The government controlled all election media in 1989, but plans for dismantling this system were put in place early in the life of independent Hungary. Now there are 35 television stations in Hungary. A total number of cable subscribers is 1576000. There are about 77 radio stations in Hungary. And the number of the radio receiver is about 7010000. Magyar Rádió (MR, the Hungarian Radio Corporation, also known internationally as Radio Budapest) is the national radio station of Hungary.

Online: 20 percent of Hungarian who is connected to Internet access news media sites. Internet news is like a trend to them. There are about 440 online magazines featuring technology, natural science, culture, and art, local and municipal issues, politics and public life, portals, health, and lifestyle. There are many varieties of online magazines which are covering many areas of interest.
Press law: The constitution of Hungary Republic, written in 1949 but greatly amended upon independence in 1989, it guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of the press under Act XX, Article 61 which states:
Part One: In the Republic of Hungary everybody has the right to freely express their opinion and have access to and disseminate data concerning the public.
Part Two: The Republic of Hungary acknowledges and protects the freedom of the press.
Part Three: The amendment of the Act on the publication of data of public concern and on the freedom of the press requires a two-thirds majority of Parliament.
Part Four: A two-thirds majority is needed for the appointment of the leaders of public radio, television and news agencies, the licensing of commercial radio and television stations and the passing of any act on the prevention of media monopolies.

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