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The media of Iceland are well developed considering the size of a country. They have absolute freedom of speech. Iceland’s media are one of the independent countries in the world. Since 2002 to 2014 Iceland has been in top ten of Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom Index. It first joined in 2002 to 2008 and 2010. In 2015 its ranking was twenty-one. Print and electronic are mostly used media.

Literature is one of the favorite pastimes of Icelanders, so the printed press are well developed too. Newspapers and magazines are the print media of Iceland. The principal daily newspaper in Iceland is Fréttablaðið, which was established in 2001. It is distributed to homes by 365 hf, free of charge. Each paper is read by 60% people and 20 % don’t read it at all. Another well-known newspaper is Morgunblaðið and which was established in 1913. It is the main competitor of Fréttablaðið. “The Reykjavik Grapevine” is a free alternative magazine published since June 2003. The magazine is about traveling, music, art and Icelandic culture in general. “Iceland reviews” is another magazine which comes quarterly.

Television is the most used electronic media of Iceland. RÚV is the principal television station, which is state-owned. Its main commitment is to promote the Icelandic language and country history. It started in 1966 and very soon reached every house in Iceland. The main private television network is 365 corporation which broadcast mostly American programming but also Icelandic program and news programs. Other notable channels owned by 365 are sports channel sand movie channels. All of 365’s channels are funded by advertising sales and subscription.

Radio used to be an important media in Iceland until Television came. RÚV had been broadcasting radio since 1930. Rás 1 is the principal radio station, along with its sister Rás 2. Another notable private broadcaster is Bylgjan.

Internet: The use of the Internet in Iceland among the top countries in the world term of internet deployment and use. Uses of the internet in Iceland is widespread. It has largely grown since the early 2000s. Censorship is prohibited to protect children, fight terrorism, prevent libel and protect rights of copyright holders.

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